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Isinnara 3, Portable Art Work Table

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Functional Portable Art Work Table (for kindergarten, elementary, middle school)

│ Description │

It is a very practically designed to be used as  Portable Art Work Table  for studying sculpture, engraving, handy craft, clay art

│ Function │

It is primarily made of safe structure by joining upper board and base board each other with latch and is designed for being used as pencil box inside Portable Art Work Table putting more than 15 items such as pencils, scissors, ruler, which uses top side and bottom side as reverse with same function. Also It has the stopper on edge of board for preventing slippery  and unstable movement from desk as well. 

│ Feature │

Its design is similar to  007 bag having the round edge to avoid a probable risk of injury of children and has two different color  on each product, yellow for lower grade of children, red ruddle for higher grade of children. it also has a addtional function as excellent BOOK STAND as well.

│ Specification │

-Size: 420 x 330 x 40mm
-Weight: 1.7kg

│ This set includes │

Tools are NOT included in the item.

Product Detail Image

Elementary Art Craft Tool 3 _lower_ upper _

Elementary Art Craft Tool 3 _lower_ upper _

Elementary Art Craft Tool 3 _lower_ upper _

Elementary Art Craft Tool 3 _lower_ upper _